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Some Recent Reviews of Larry Kelly's Lighting Designs

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  • Short + Sweet Wk 1 Seymour Centre
    For me this was one of the highlights, blending as it does gallows humour with astute observations about human selfishness and mortality. The Reverend, ministering to a woman on death row, finds himself unable to have her worry about giving her victim's family closure; she's more worried about having her last words recorded for posterity. Top performances from Ali Aitken, and Philip McDonald, while Ron Hadley is terrific as various executees delivering their own legacy. Great script from Chris Shaw Swanson and ably directed by Larry Kelly.  - Aussie Theatre 2009


  • Educating Rita
    Tap Gallery
    Lighting design, by Larry Kelly, is suitable straightforward, for what is a very conventional play. - Australian Stage 2009
  • The Woman with Dog's Eyes
    Zenith Theatre
    When they go to see it they will find a physical environment elegantly and appropriately designed by Murray Grellis and beautifully and appropriately lit by Larry Kelly, who is quickly gaining a reputation in Sydney for his subtle and effective lighting states. - Arts Hub 2008

Someday Suddenly

Special mention, too, for lighting director, Larry Kelly, for enabling the effectiveness of the aforementioned dramatic devices.
Written by lloyd bradford (brad) syke   
Australian Stage 2009

Petroleum - The Fusebox - Factory Theatre - Sept 2009

The strong points are production values. Direction, by Wollongongster Alexandra Byron, is taut. Stage management, by Lydia Kelly, equally and flawlessly so. Mim Person's set is simple and effective: oildrums propping-up a rustic bar, in a post-apocalyptic pub; and little else (with little else needed), save for corrugated panels lining the stage. Pat Hartigan's sound design is rightly robust. Larry Kelly's lighting cues all the right moods. Andrew Cutcliffe's fight choreography is quite convincing

Written by lloyd bradford (brad) syke   
Australian Stage 2009


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